Contoh Explanation Text Terlengkap

Contoh Explanation Text Terlengkap  Explanation text merupakan sebuah teks yang berisi tentang proses-proses yang berkaitan dengan fenomena alam, sosial, budaya, dunia ilmiah, dan lain-lain. Tujuan komunikatif dari explanation text adalah untuk menjelaskan proses-proses yang terjadi terkait dengan fenomena alam, dunia ilmiah, sosial, budaya, dan lainnya.


Struktur teks dari explanation text akan dijelaskan sebagai berikut.

  1. General statement
    General statement merupakan bagian atau area yang berisi penjelasan umum mengenai fenomena apa yang akan dibahas. General statement bisa berbentuk pengenalan fenomena atau penjelasan dasar mengenai fenomena tersebut.
  2. A sequenced explanation
    Pada bagian ini terdapat penjelasan mengenai mengapa dan bagaimana fenomena tersebut dapat terjadi. Misalkan, ada explanation text mengenai sepeda, maka disini dijelaskan mengapa orang memerlukan sepeda dan bagaimana proses pembuatan sepeda itu berlangsung.
  3. Closing
    Closing merupakan kesimpulan dari fenomena yang dijelaskan.


Contoh explanation text tentang Global Warming adalah sebagai berikut.

Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the earth’s temperature caused by the greenhouse effect. What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is the effect of gas-generated withstanding the sunlight in order to stay on the earth and not having radiation into space. The greenhouse effect is very useful for human life in the earth. If there is no greenhouse effect, the earth will be very cold.

Which are included in the greenhouse gases? The most influential greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, while other gases are much less influential. The greenhouse effect occurs naturally in the earth. But if the amount of greenhouse gases exceeds the normal limit, the earth’s temperature will also increase, it is called the Global warming. The earth’s temperature increases due to the heat received which cannot be radiated back into the space. Consequently the temperature of the earth is getting warmer and the world climate changes.

Greenhouse gases which cause global warming is produced by burning fossil fuels that are used in various industries such normally human life and transportation. If we ignore the increase of earth’s temperature, the whole ice on earth will melt. Consequently the sea levels rise. This phenomenon is very dangerous because it can cause the earth surface changes.

To overcome the global warming, greenhouse emissions must be reduced or eliminated. Therefore, it needs to look for an alternative fuel which is friendly environment and non-emit greenhouse gases.

Contoh explanation text tentang Rainbow adalah sebagai berikut.


Everyone has been familiar what rainbow is. But do you know how the process of it is? Rainbow is a natural phenomenon which occurs with a very interesting physics processes to be observed. So here will be described how the process of rainbow occurs.

Rainbow is a big arc spectrum which occurs due to the reflection of sunlight by water grains. Rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon in the form of multi-colored light that seems parallel to each other in the sky or other medium. Rainbow appears as an arc light with a tip leads to the horizon in a light rain. It can also be seen around a raging waterfall.

Rainbow usually occurs when the air is very hot and the rain drops lightly. We can see the phenomenon clearly if we stand against the sunlight. Rainbow can also be formed by foggy air of frosted.

In physics, a rainbow can be explained as a natural refraction event. Refraction is the process of decomposition of a specific color into another color (red: the color spectrum) through a specific media.

The process of color decomposition occurs when the white sunlight breaks down into a spectrum of colors through rainwater. The spectrum of colors which occur consist of violet, red, indigo, blue, green, yellow, and orange.

Demikian beberapa contoh explanation text yang dapat kami sampaikan. Semoga bermanfaat dan dapat memudahkan kalian dalam belajar dan memahami materi ini. Jangan lupa share ya kawan!

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